Monday, September 28, 2015


Second and most lethal 7" from Stoughton's best behaved good ol' boys.  A premium sample of absolute freak grind obscenity with swaps and bumps sharper than a burnt cheese curd.  Unconditional full tilt blast-trips split with swerving breaks and hacks for five and half minutes of neck-snappin' perfection.  New school speed with that old school funk.

500 copies total.  100 orange vinyl for mailorder.  100 purple vinyl available exclusively through the band.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shaved Women - 'Just Death' LP **OUT NOW**

Shaved Women - 'Just Death'

Shaved Women have wasted no time dishin' out another nine loathsome anthems to drive your ass through the fuckin' wall. Just over twenty minutes of writhing and repulsive, unfiltered audio pollution. With a healthy dose of progression in the three years since their first full-length, 'Just Death' will wrangle your brain-case twice as good as the self-titled and give you plenty of brand spankin' nuances to make you wonder why you haven't been tuned in the whole damn time. This is the mutation.
500 copies with full-color deluxe tip-on style jackets and two-sided insert. US (this) pressing with different cover art than the european release. first hundred copies on coke bottle clear vinyl.

Order HERE

Sunday, November 23, 2014

SHAVED WOMEN - JUST DEATH Pre-sale this week

Shaved Women - Just Death 12" goes on sale this week for preorder.  100 copies on coke bottle clear.  400 on black.  tip-on jackets and two-sided insert.  this is mutation.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Generator 2014

crazy spirit .. confederate bridge spot .. september 2014

hank wood & the hammerheads .. " .. "

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shaved Women - Just Death 12" US Release

Punk rock mutant unit Shaved Women from St. Louis release nine new tracks of eye-gouging, mirror-eating manic meditations.  Euro pressing courtesy of Ektro.  Malokul will be contributing 500 copies to the clutter.  Expected release in November.

Jail Solidarity 'Pretty Good Privacy' on Accidental Guest

the DC dirge

purchase and listen HERE


final copies of the Genocide Pact demo 7" lie in wait at the DOC storenvy.  less than ten left out of a one time pressing of 300.  flop house/malokul domination

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Genocide Pact

Genocide Pact cassettes are in.  Tardy-style death metal from the PG/DC swamp muck.  Four tracks of endless riff bludgeoning.  Members of DOC and Abuse.  100 pro-printed tapes.  Limited vinyl version will be available for their winter tour courtesy of Flophouse and Malokul.  

Also, Drugs of Faith test presses have arrived and sound real right.  Get on your horse.

Buy the Genocide Pact CS and preorder Drugs of Faith HERE

Saturday, October 19, 2013


The new Drugs of Faith and DOC records are finally up for preorder.  Here are some tips...

Drugs of Faith 'Architectural Failures'
Four new tracks of twisted, seething grind 'n' roll, spattered between breaths of calculated disapproval.  Frenetic and amped-up with an extra shot of grit, this deposit will spin the skull like that fucked-up carnival ride you've always hated.  Easily the most visceral contribution thus far, Drugs of Faith continues to beat a path of superior contemptuous anthems.

DOC 'Decomposition Fantasy'
Disciples of Christ are a thrived-out conglomerate that have molded true love, respect, and consideration into their craft.  DOC shed much light on the attention to life-giving DIY traditions, AS WELL AS the nuances of true grind core, West Bay Koa bands, and solid methodical/maniacal aural brutality.  This is honestly spelled out loud.  This is passion to the utmost degree.  This is what you NEED as a participating being in touch with grindcore culture.  These sonx are of an intensity (100-fold) via blood boiling sensibility, big riff merchant action, dirty thick string pounding, mega blasting can damage, and genuinely fervent, raging vocals.  On this slab; these cats have offered us their most enthralling, painful, and outright SICKEST recording to amazing collage of ear-punishing and heartfelt grindcore reality!   -clint DxAxS 

Both releases are a single-sided 12" limited to 300 copies.  DOC 12" is being releases by Rorschach Records.
Preorder HERE
Listen HERE and HERE

DOC will be touring this January.  Expect shows at these times in these places::
January 17 - Gainesville, FL
January 18 - Miami, FL
January 19 - Tampa, FL
January 20 - Atlanta, GA
January 21 - Greensboro, NC
January 22 - Raleigh, NC
January 23 - Providence, RI
January 24 - Boston, MA
January 25 - New York, NY
January 26 - Philadelphia, PA

We also have another release in the works--Genocide Pact from DC will be getting the vinyl treatment for their demo recording.  Unapologetic bonehead death metal in the vein of obituary and bolt thrower.  300 7" copies for their winter tour through the midwest and east coast.  
You will likely be able to see Genocide Pact in these places::
December 29 - Chicago, IL
December 30 - TBA, OH
December 31 - Ft. Wayne, IN
January, 1 - Madison, WI
January 2 - St. Louis, MO
January 3 - Nashville, TN
January 4 - Dallas, TX
January 5 - Austin, TX
January 6 - Houston, TX
January 7 - TBA, LA
January 8 - Gainesville, FL
January 9 - Miami - FL
January 10 - Tampa, FL
January 11 - Atlanta, Ga
January 12 - TLAL showcase - Raleigh, NC
January 13 - Philadelphia, PA
January 14 - Boston, MA
January 15 - New York, NY
January 16 - Washington, DC

In other news, we're stupidly excited to announce an upcoming Tenement / SFN split 12" slated to be released in 20??.  Whenever this materializes, it's guaranteed to change the game.  The DOC / Shitstorm split 5" is still in the cards, we just haven't figured out where exactly...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Drugs of Faith - 'Architectural Failures'

The Drugs of Faith single-sided LP, 'Architectural Failures' has been mastered and will be sent off to press by the end of the month. Preview track coming soon!

D.O.C. 'Decomposition Fantasy'

D.O.C. will be releasing a single-sided LP on Rorschach Records this october / november. here's a preview...

Monday, February 18, 2013

DOC / TRIAC split 12" b/w Up and Coming

The DOC / Triac split 12" is now available through DOC or RSR.  Previously unreleased material from both bands.

DOC will also have five new tracks on a one-sided 12" that Rorschach Records out of Richmond will be handling.  Recording in late March, expected release by Deathfest.

The Shitstorm / DOC split 5" is expected by summertime on Malokul.  Also in the works... cassette reprint for Radiation from Florida as well as a Drugs of Faith single-sided 12" EP.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Callous Mother b/w Sister OUT NOW

Callous :: Mother b/w Sister (Mal-007)
Debut vinyl release from this Philadelphia-based 'sludge violence' unit.  There's really no safe way to categorize Callous as their recognizable influences range from 90's Northwest grunge to good old West Bay Powerviolence.  Riddled with time and tempo changes, these ain't your momma's slow jams.  Seasoned distribution of the negative//positive space as continued from the demo.  Don't fall off the cliff...or maybe you should.
-500 black copies with full color sleeve and printed poly bag-
-orders to malokul202 at gmail-

State Violence

graphic by jeff poleon.  30 shirts printed.